Hybrid-Online Courses
Memphis Theological Seminary offers hybrid courses open to all students, and an MDiv Hybrid Program.

Hybrid-Online courses blend the best of face-to-face class time with the flexibility of online course work. In hybrid-online courses, students come to campus four times each semester for in-person intensives, with the rest of the course work completed online. 51%of the learning is face-to-face, and 49% is done online.

Students pursuing the MDiv can complete their course of study in four years taking three hybrid classes each semester. Students in other degree programs may also take hybrid courses fulfilling many of their degree requirements.

For success in hybrid courses, students must be highly motivated and disciplined. The four face-to-face meetings each semester require attendance on campus. For the online portion of the class, students complete different types of online assignments that engage students as active learners. Students need a reliable internet access to do the online portion of the coursework.

Hybrid classes on campus are scheduled for Thursday nights and also on Fridays once a month.

Formation for Ministry 3pm-4:15pm
Class A 4:30pm-6:30pm, 7:15pm-10:00pm

Class B 8:00am-11:00am, 12:15pm-2:00pm
Class C 2:30pm-5:30pm, 6:15pm-8:00pm


Below you will find descriptions of each program and a link to download the application. Click on the name of the degree for more information or click on Learn More for the course and degree requirements. Let us know how we can be a part of answering your call to ministry.

Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) at Memphis Theological Seminary is the standard path to ordained ministry.  Full-time students can expect a minimum three-year program of study. Full-time students who take the night track can expect a minimum of four years. The 84-hour program includes classroom instruction and hands-on experience through immersions and practicums. Its curriculum acquaints students with theological disciplines and encourages communal exploration in the life of the church, so that graduates will serve the church as leaders in greater faithfulness to God. LEARN MORE

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Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is available for ministers who have a Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary and who desire a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry.  Designed to increase the ability of servant leaders to analyze and reform ministry and to empower constituents for discipleship in the world, it is the highest degree in the practice of ministry. LEARN MORE

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Korean Doctor of Ministry

Korean Doctor of Ministry

The Korean Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is available for ministers who have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary and who desire a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry.  Designed to increase the ability of servant leaders to analyze and reform ministry and to empower constituents for discipleship in the world, it is the highest degree in the practice of ministry. LEARN MORE

Master of Arts Christian Ministry
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is designed to integrate biblical and theological studies with practical training for a specialized ministry. The degree offers students the opportunity to integrate theological reflection with the practice of lay professional ministry or other Christian service in various Christian organizations. This degree would help to prepare persons to serve as lay, deacon, or recognized ministers in a specialized form of ministry. It is not a degree for those preparing for pastoral leadership within a congregation. LEARN MORE

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Master of Arts Youth Ministry

Master of Arts Youth Ministry

The Master of Arts in Youth Ministry at Memphis Theological Seminary is a 48-hour degree.  It is a cohort experience, where students are grouped with 12-16 peers who will journey together as they learn about youth ministry and theology.  Students will experience community and create relationships that will encourage them as they grow. A new cohort forms each year and joins two other cohorts already in years two and three of their residency to create a community of 36+ MAYM students.  The courses rotate each year, allowing a student to complete the degree over six semesters (three years). LEARN MORE

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Guest Students

Guest Students  Have you ever wanted to sit in on a seminary class and gain some theological education but not worry about doing homework, taking exams, or writing papers? Guest students are welcome to “audit” any regularly offered class at Memphis Theological Seminary. If you have a desire to learn and to participate in theological education, but not as a credit earning student, you should consider this option. Guest students attend the scheduled classes, and learn alongside degree seeking students, but are not responsible for graded assignments. Some guest students may take a set schedule of classes and can earn a certificate, such as the Netters Certificate in Theological Education, or the Faith and Health Certificate. Guest students pay a $400 “auditors fee,” and are not eligible for financial aid. For more information about registering as a guest student, please contact the Admissions office.



Memphis Theological Seminary now offers a Night Track for our Master’s degree programs. The program makes it possible for a working adult to obtain their MDiv or MACM while still maintaining their full- time job. Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm. A full time student may complete the MDiv in 4 years and the MACM may be completed in 3 years. Learn how you can become a student.


We appreciate your interest in Memphis Theological Seminary. The MTS admissions staff is committed to supporting you in your theological journey. We are here to help you while you are discerning your call, considering degree and certificate options, and supporting you as you do ministry in the real world. At MTS we are committed to educating and sustaining men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety, and justice. Please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you along in your journey.

Rev. Fekecia Gunn

Rev. Fekecia Gunn

Director, Enrollment Services

Fekecia is a graduate of The University of Tulsa (2004) and of Memphis Theological Seminary (2012). She currently serves as Youth Minister at St. Andrew AME Church in Memphis, TN.  

Contact Fekecia:

Rev. Dr. Felecia R. LaVant

Rev. Dr. Felecia R. LaVant

Admissions Associate/Recruiter

Felecia completed both her MDIV(2014) and DMIN(2020) degrees at Memphis Theological Seminary, and appreciates how MTS equips men and women to serve in ministry both in the church and the world. She serves as an Associate Minister at Central Baptist Church, Inc. and is the proud mother of daughters, Andraea LaVant and Alexandria Johnson.

Felecia is passionate about helping people become equipped to walk fully in their God ordained purpose. you will often hear her say "Customer satisfaction is my primary goal!" and you leave her presence believing it too.

Contact Felecia: