Creation Care @ MTS

 As an ecumenical theological seminary devoted to pursuing Scholarship, Piety, and Justice in service to God’s new creation in Jesus Christ, MTS aims to develop a faithful response to our ecological responsibility through the Creation Care Committee (CCC).

The Creation Care Committee (CCC) (aka “the Green Team”) at MTS is inspired by other schools of theology and the environmental movement and our work is premised on two major convictions:

1. The religious community has a unique and significant calling to turn back human-caused environmental destruction and to participate in bringing all of creation into health and wholeness.

2. Theological schools should provide clergy and religious leaders with the tools necessary for them to lead their congregations, communities and organizations in meeting their unique call to protect and restore creation.

The work of the CCC is organized in five areas:


    • adding more creation care elements to the curriculum
    • hosting lecture series devoted to creation care topics
    • offering practical experiences to students, etc.

Liturgy, Ritual, and Worship

    • organizing chapel and prayer services devoted to creation care, etc.

Buildings and Grounds

    • increasing energy efficiency and recycling
    • reducing carbon footprint and water usage
    • using more environmentally friendly materials
    • developing outdoor green spaces, etc.

Community Life

    • using more eco-friendly foods and materials for refreshments, receptions, and meals on campus
    • keeping consistent communication about ways for the MTS community to engage in creation care 

Public Leadership

    • developing an environmental mission statement and integrating it throughout the seminary’s work and identity
    • partnering with the larger community as a center of the church’s learning, training, action, and witness, etc.

The MTS Green Team currently comprises: Farris Blount (faculty), Dr. Nathan Brasfield (staff, alum, co-chair), Dr. Martha Lyle Ford (staff and alum), Christine Fox (student), Dr. Peter Gathje (faculty), Ed Hughes (staff), Jack Richbourg (student), and Dr. Tricia Vesely (faculty, co-chair).

If you would like more information about the Creation Care Committee at MTS, contact co-chair Nathan Brasfield.

The 2021 Ingram Lectures with Dr. Valerie Bridgeman
Hello Earth: Womanist Work as Relationship with Nature

God’s Call to Creation Care and Environmental Justice
a special series of Sunday Morning Seminary sponsored by a grant from the United Methodist Earthkeepers

Scriptural and Theological Foundations of Creation Care with Dr. Valerie Bridgeman of The Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice with Dr. Laurel Kearns of Drew University

Food Justice and Food Apartheid in Memphis with Dr. Emily Holmes of Christian Brothers University

The Spirit of Soul Food

A lecture with Dr. Christopher Carter

Green Team Chapel Services

March 22, 2022: Dr. Nathan Brasfield

September 6, 2022: Dr. Tricia Vesely

April 23, 2023: Rev. Jamie Lee (MDiv, ’09)

Courses Offered on Creation Care

HB 210 Biblical Perspectives on Creation Care

TH 270 The Doctrine of Creation

TH 316 Farming, Food, and Faith: A Theology and Ethics of Agriculture

TH 317 Foundations of Creation Care and Community Development

WP 498 Wrestling with Worldly Questions: Climate Change and Racism

The Doctor of Ministry in Land, Food, and Faith Formation