Worship is a time set apart for the seminary community to turn our whole attention toward God as we continue to seek to cultivate a love for scholarship, piety, and justice.


At Memphis Theological Seminary we worship in the classroom, the hallways, and in the sacred space of our chapel.

Christian worship in an ecumenical setting is especially about love. We are called to be open, patient and generous as we strive to find ways of worshiping together, share the best of our own traditions, learn about other people’s traditions, and discern the patterns that we hold and create in common.

We live-stream each of our chapel services, in order to connect with our wider community who might not be able to join us on campus each week. Please follow along on our Facebook page!

We have two different services held in the chapel during the regular semester:

  • Regular chapel services are held on Tuesdays at 11:10 am and last about half an hour to an hour.
  • Evening vespers services are scheduled to be held on Monday evenings at 5:30 pm starting on Oct. 14.

In the spring, our Introduction to the Theology and Practice of Worship students in the spring coordinate chapel and vespers services, while in the fall semester we are pleased to have our faculty members organizing chapel services and our Student Senate organizing the vespers services.

If you have any questions about chapel during the Spring 2020 semester, please contact

*Due to renovations to the Chapel, services will be held on the Brockwell Room on the first floor of Founders Hall across from the President’s Office for the Spring 2020 semester

Spring 2020 Chapel Schedule

Tuesday, February 11th

Rev. Jody Hill