Student Business Office

Student Business Office

Student Business Office plays an important role in managing student resources. Student Business Office serves as the place for students to make tuition payments, receive student refunds and address any financial account concerns.

Beginning January 1, 2020

Student bills will NO LONGER be sent to student emails. Student Bills will only be provided through Student Portal. Students must use their Student Portal page to view their student bill. Go to Student Portal>Administrative Services Tab>Click My Ledger to view your account balance. If you need assistance with your student portal or access, please contact IT HelpDesk at 901.334.5835

What you need to know about:

Payment may be made over the phone with a debit/credit card (a 2.75% processing fee applies to VISA/Master Card/Discover only) or by coming to the Business Office or mailing a check to the Business Office.

After the first week of classes, if the below arrangements are not met, the student may be administratively withdrawn:

  • Account balance must be paid in full – OR
  • Have payment arrangemnets secured with financial aid – OR
  • Submit Outside Scholarship paper – OR
  • A combination of the above 

To view current Tuition & Fees, CLICK HERE.

Students must add and/or drop courses by completing the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form with the Registrar’s Office. A $45 fee will be assessed for each add and each drop affecting a students’ course registration. Office.

In the case of a withdrawal, a grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript, the tuition refund will be reduced pro rata, and a withdrawal fee of $45 will be assessed. (Consult §3.3.1 for more information about the tuition refund and repayment policy, including for January and summer courses.)

The refund policy of Memphis Theological Seminary with regard to educational charges for Fall and Spring courses is as follows:

Drop before first week of courses     100% refund
Drop during 1st week of courses 100% refund minus $45 fee per course
Withdrawal during 2nd week of courses 80% refund minus $45 fee per course
Withdrawal during 3rd – 4th weeks of courses 60% refund minus $45 fee per course
Withdrawal during 5th – 6th weeks of courses    40% refund minus $45 fee per course
Withdrawal during 7th – 8th weeks of courses 0% refund minus $45 fee per course







 The refund policy of Memphis Theological Seminary with regard to educational changes for January and summer intensive courses is as follows:

Withdrawal at least 30 days prior to beginning of course 100% refund minus $45 fee per course
Less than 30 days prior to beginning of course No Refund

 To view Memphis Theological Seminary Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form, CLICK HERE

Students who are receiving outside funding need to know the following:

Outside Scholarships are defined as scholarships that are non-institutional scholarships. If a student is receiving an outside scholarship,  they will need to provide a letter from the scholarship donor that states:

  • Funding will be sent to Memphis Theoloigcal Seminary
  • Date of when funding should be sent to Memphis Theological Seminary

If a student is receiving an outside scholarship AND Financial Aid, the student must complete the Outside Scholarship form, CLICK HERE, and follow the process provided by the Office of Financial Aid.

United Methodist Conference Funding is funding that is provided by United Methodist (UM) Conferences. The student will need to make sure that they are approved to receive educational funding from their UM Conference. No approval is given by Memphis Theological Seminary.

Once you are approved with your conference, the process for funds to be released are as follows:

Conferences will contact the school to verify student registration and hours. Once students have been verified, the Conferences will send funds by mid-October for Summer, Fall & mid-March for January, Spring semesters.

Mississippi Conference is the ONLY conference that requires students to complete a Ministerial Education Form to be certified by the Director of Financial Aid as a form of verfication of student registration and hours.  CLICK HERE for the MEF form.

For more information, including conference contact numbers, CLICK HERE.

Cumberland Presbyterian Service Loans are applied once a student signs their CP Promissory Note with the Business Office. This will be done every term/semester a student plans on receiving the CP Service Loan. Please make sure to complete the CP Application for the CP Service Loan with the Office of Financial Aid.

For more information, CLICK HERE

When a credit balance exists on a student account, as the result of an overpayment or from financial aid funds, a refund may be available to the student no later than 14 days from the receipt of funds. Accounts are only eligible for a refund after all scholarships or loan funds have been received and processed by the Office of Financial Aid and the Business Office.

If a credit balance exists on a student account when the student leaves the Seminary, the balance will be applied to any instituationl debt, if applicable, thus reducing the amount owed to the Seminary. Otherwise, the balance will be refunded to the student.






     Memphis Theological Seminary
     Business Office
     Founders Hall Building, Room 206
     168 East Parkway South
     Memphis, TN 38104

     Mary Byrd, Bursar
     P: (901) 334-5822

     Office Hours: Monday – Thursday,  8am – 5pm
     Friday: 8am – 3pm