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The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree is available for ministers who have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary and who desire a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry. Designed to increase the ability of servant leaders to analyze and reform ministry and to empower constituents for discipleship in the world, it is the highest degree in the practice of ministry.

Doctor of Ministry Tracks

Memphis Theological Seminary offers five tracks (or courses of study) for the DMin program. New cohorts begin in the years listed.

  • Faith and Health: Pastoral Therapy (2019, 2021) The DMin in Faith and Health: Pastoral Therapy offers interested ministers outstanding training for pastoral counseling. Whether one chooses to pursue simply the 36 credit hours of the standard DMin program or expands those requirements to include extra educational hours required for state licensure and 1400 hours of counseling under supervision, graduates will be competent pastoral counselors capable of counseling with individual adults, couples, and families with a wide variety of problems.

  • Preaching (2019, 2021) The DMin in Preaching is intended to improve the student’s understanding and skills in the area of homiletics, foster discovery of a personal, pulpit hermeneutic, and nurture the student’s competency to preach in a variety of contexts.


  • Forming and Growing Churches in the 21st Century (2020, 2022) The DMin in Forming and Growing Churches in the 21st Century focuses on the theological knowledge and the practical skills necessary for church leaders to develop a new church and to make vital existing ministries. In this program, the study of theological, historical, cultural, and organizational aspects of church formation and growth are integrated with critical perspectives and practices directed toward starting and growing vibrant faith communities. Courses are designed so that theological foundations and missiological principles provide the basis for practical plans for forming and growing a church in the contemporary world.

  • Land, Food, and Faith Formation (2020, 2022) The DMin in Land, Food, and Faith Formation critically explores the intersections of ministry with care for the land, agricultural practices, just access to food, and the role of faith communities in both rural and urban settings in addressing these issues. In examining these intersections, attention will be paid to the theological and ethical dimensions of land and its use, the role of food in our lives, and how faith communities both shape and are affected by their relationship with land and food. The goal is to provide theological resources and practical models for the practice of ministry in faith communities which seek to relate their lives more intentionally to the care of land, food, and all living creatures.


  • Leadership in Ministry (2020, 2022) The DMin in Leadership in Ministry is designed primarily for persons who are serving in a ministerial role and want to enhance their competence as leaders.


Curriculum Objectives:

The Doctor of Ministry curriculum seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Students will refine the theological basis for ministry in their area of specialization and will contribute to the body of knowledge as it relates to the practice of ministry by completing a ministry project reflecting their theological basis for ministry and their understanding of sound research.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and attitudes on issues related to the student’s context of ministry.
  • Students will demonstrate ministry skills at an advanced level of professional competency and demonstrate new skills in leadership, vision, conflict management, care systems, and/or other strategies for accomplishing effective ministry.
  • Students will think, plan, and act creatively in transcending traditional approaches to ministry by the use of innovative concepts and methods.

We appreciate your interest in Memphis Theological Seminary. The MTS admissions staff is committed to supporting you in your theological journey. We are here to help you while you are discerning your call, considering degree and certificate options, and supporting you as you do ministry in the real world. At MTS we are committed to educating and sustaining men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety, and justice. Please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you along in your journey.

Rev. Felecia LaVant

Rev. Felecia LaVant

Admissions Associate

Felecia completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology at Fisk University in 1982, and MDiv at Memphis Theological Seminary in 2014. She serves as an Associate Minister and the Director of Christian Education at Central Baptist Church, Inc. Felecia also volunteers with Manna House, a place of hospitality in the Catholic Worker Tradition. She is the proud mother of two adult daughters, Andraea and Alexandria.

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Rev. Byron Forester

Rev. Byron Forester

Admissions Associate

Byron is a graduate of Bethel University (1974) and of Memphis Theological Seminary (2007). He serves as pastor of Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Benton Co. MS and as Coordinator of Ministries for West Tennessee Presbytery. He participates and serves in several ministries to people who are unsheltered. Byron and his wife, Michelle Brown have three daughters. They live five blocks from MTS.

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