Bass, Dorothy Practicing Our Faith

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Life Together

Boyle, Gregory Tattoos on the Heart

Brueggemann, Walter Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth

Brueggemann, Walter Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO to the CULTURE OF NOW

Brueggemann, Walter The Prophetic Imagination

Bruggemann, Walter Journey to the Common Good

Campbell, Will Brother to a Dragonfly

Campolo, Tony Letters to a Young Evangelical

Cone, James God of the Oppressed

Cone, James Martin and Malcom and America

Cosby, Gordon Seized by the Power of a Great Affection

Daly, Mary Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation

Gaines, Ernest A Lesson Before Dying

Holland, Joe Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice

Hudson, Trevor A Mile in My Shoes

Jennings, Theodore Good News to the Poor:  John Wesley’s Evangelical Economics

Jones, Tony A Sacred Journey

Kretzmann and McKnight Building Communities from the Inside Out

Linthicum, Robert Building a People of Power: Equipping churches to transform their communities

Linthicum, Robert Empowering the Poor


Muller, Wayne Sabbath

Noe, Killian Finding Our Way Home

Nouwen, Henri Can You Drink This Cup

Nouwen, Henri Compassion

Nouwen, Henri Life of the Beloved

O’Connor, Elizabeth  Cry Pain, Cry Hope

O’Connor, Elizabeth Eighth Day of Creation

O’Connor, Elizabeth Our Many Selves

Palmer, Parker A Hidden Wholeness

Palmer, Parker Leading From Within

Peterson, Eugene H. The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language.  Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2002.

Reuther, Rosemary Sexism and God Talk: Toward a Feminist Theology

Sider, Ron Just Generosity

Schut, Michael Money and Faith, The Search for Enough

Schut, Michael Simpler Living, Compassionate Life

Soelle, Dorothy The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance

Stokes, Allison Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Thurman, Howard For the Inward Journey

Thurman, Howard Jesus and the Disinherited

Wink, Walter The Powers That Be


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