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“Blessed are the Meek,” a sermon by Billy Vaughan

We've heard the stories of those people the biblical writers considered meek.  They weren’t exactly the kind of folks we associate with that word, were they? The book of Numbers calls Moses the meekest man on earth. Moses. A man who walks up to the one of the most...

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“Silence,” an essay by Holly Woodall

As Christians, we often talk about the need for silence. The still, small voice of God is elusive, best found in quiet moments. Through Formation, I have come to realize that silence is not simply the absence of sound; instead, it is the presence of something far more...

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“The Church,” an essay by Billy Vaughan

I had a friend, now deceased, who told the story of leaving the church as a young adult over the race issue.  He and his wife, while working with the youth, used Methodist literature showing blacks and whites together in friendship.  The parents of the youth and the...

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“The Space Between Us,” a Sermon by Lisa Anderson

The following is a sermon by the Rev. Lisa Anderson and can be found in the publication Women Shall Preach (available through the Cumberland Presbyterian Denominational Center). Lisa was the 184th Moderator of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian...

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