MTS would like to recognize our United Methodist alumni who were granted provisional membership, recognized as elders, and/or ordained as deacons in The United Methodist Church.

All of us at Memphis Theological Seminary are extremely proud of these talented alumni. MTS has been a leading trainer of United Methodist clergy in the Mid-South for more than four decades. Consistently, we produce graduates who are well versed in Wesleyan theology, deeply committed to the Church, and strongly devoted to helping shape the world into a better place.

Dr. Michael Turner, Director of the Methodist House of Studies at MTS, says “These alumni are already tremendous leaders in congregations and their annual conferences. They give me great hope for the future of Wesleyan Methodism.”

The following were granted provisional membership:

1. Linda Malone (Mississippi Annual Conference)

2. Larry Chitwood (Memphis Annual Conference)

3. Jedediah Hanes (Tennessee Annual Conference)

4. Keri Cress (Tennessee Annual Conference)

5. Jesse James (Arkansas Annual Conference)

6. Earnestine Hunt (Memphis Annual Conference)

The following were ordained as elders:

1. Eugene Venable Bramlett Jr. (Mississippi Annual Conference)

2. Haywood Isaac Hannah (Mississippi Annual Conference)

3. Michael-John Pope (Mississippi Annual Conference)

4. Holly Woodall (North Alabama Annual Conference)

The following were recognized as elders:

1. Dwayne Mayo (Mississippi Annual Conference)

The following were ordained as deacons:

1. Chris Cummings  (Tennessee Annual Conference)

2. Joanna Cummings  (Tennessee Annual Conference)