Theology & Arts Institute

Our Theology and Arts Program exists because the exploration of the arts is an essential part of our faith. The Institute is the perfect place for this exploration. The Theology & Arts Institute provides opportunities for people from all walks of life to explore the intersection of theology and arts.

Institute Workshops

Throughout the year, local artists offer diverse workshops which enable participants to engage theology and arts. The workshops are diverse in every way with leaders being recruited from the rich arts community of Memphis and surrounding areas. Click an image below for more information on our current offerings including registration.

Institute Summer Conference

During the month of June each year, the Institute presents a four-day conference filled with workshops, panel discussions, and plenary speakers. The conference is for clergy and church leaders looking to revitalize creative ministries and for artists and community members seeking to experience the sacred in their work. Participants will make connections with other artist theologians while learning ways to enable others to explore the intersection of theology and arts.