Rev. Dr. Mitzi Minor

B.A., Auburn University
M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Mary Magdalene Professor of New Testament

Dr. Minor is on sabbatical until the Spring 2025 semester.

Mitzi Minor joined the MTS faculty in the summer of 1993. From the beginning of her vocation as a teacher/scholar, first as a grad student, through three years of teaching undergrads, and during all her time at MTS, the primary focus of her work has been (and continues to be) the intersection of the New Testament with our own spiritual journeys. She believes deeply that critical biblical study is a significant aid along the journey and seeks to demonstrate that belief in the classroom, in the church, and when she writes.

Dr. Minor was reared in Southern Baptist Churches and continues to be grateful to those good folks in that setting who taught her to love the Bible. She left the turmoil of that denomination in 1990 and was ordained by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1991. Cumberland Presbyterians and their seminary (MTS) have provided a challenging and nurturing environment for Dr. Minor to grow as a person of faith and as a teacher/scholar. She teaches courses at MTS in the Gospels, Romans, the Corinthian letters, Revelation, NT Greek, and feminist NT studies. The Gospel of Mark was her first love as a grad student, and it inspires her still. She’s written two books and numerous articles on Mark and has lectured on the Second Gospel twice. In addition, she’s written a commentary on 2 Corinthians and given lectures inspired by that writing. She’s also lectured on Revelation.


Beyond her work at MTS, Dr. Minor also spends significant time teaching in church and retreat settings, which brings her much joy. Lay Christians benefit from critical biblical study every bit as much as seminarians! While some people insist that critical study “won’t work” in church, Dr. Minor delights in proving them wrong. She delights even more in lay Christians’ eagerness to understand their Bibles.

If possible, Dr. Minor would spend every moment outside of work hiking somewhere and taking her camera along. But since that’s not possible, she also fills her non-working hours with good friends, mystery novels and poetry, bicycle rides, being an Auburn sports fan, and attending to her large and close extended family.

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