The costs of higher education continue to rise in our country. At Memphis Theological Seminary, we believe it would be a tragedy for the Church and Kingdom of God if only those with disposable income could receive world-class training for ministry. We are committed to keeping theological education affordable for our students. This commitment is rooted in our mission to not only educate people for ministry but to also sustain them throughout the journey.

To achieve this objective, we charge our students only half of what it costs our seminary to provide them with theological education. We are able to provide this assistance to our students because of the gracious support of our donors who make up the difference in the costs of our student’s training in ministry.

This is why we have set an ambitious goal to increase our gift revenue by $250,000 by Fall 2023, so that we can maintain tuition at its current affordable rate for our students. To assist with this goal, we are overjoyed to share that we recently received a $125,000 matching pledge from Mr. Jimmy Humphreys. If we are able to meet Mr. Humphreys’ generous matching pledge, we will reach our $250,000 goal!

President Jody Hill, Mr. Jimmy Humphreys, and Mrs. Lisanne Marshall

The Humphreys family has a long and beautiful history with MTS that began under the leadership of President E. Colvin Baird. Jimmy’s parents were very active at Cordova Presbyterian Church, and were generous contributors to MTS. Jimmy’s mother, Mrs. Bernice Humphreys, was a faithful member of the MTS Board of Trustees for many years. The addition made to the MTS Library in Founders Hall was made possible by the Humphreys family and named in their honor. When Jimmy’s father, Mr. Ed Humphreys, died in 1981 following a battle with cancer, President Baird delivered the eulogy.

We are honored and so grateful that Mr. Jimmy Humphreys is continuing his family’s legacy of supporting Memphis Theological Seminary. We hope you will consider making a contribution today, so we can keep theological education affordable for those who lead with the love of Christ in the Church and our community.