Rev. Dr. Jody Hill, MTS President

Dear MTS Community, 
While the pandemic has cast a spotlight on the heroic efforts of first responders, chaplains are equally essential last responders. These ministers trained in grief and pastoral counseling provide long-term care to those experiencing loss and emotional or spiritual turmoil. Currently there are MTS alums serving as chaplains in every Memphis-area hospital, in Shelby County Correctional facilities, and in various branches of the US military. 

Our world needs chaplains more than ever, but the burden of educating and training the chaplains we need cannot be carried by a single seminary. In order to respond to the growing number of people who wish to minister outside of the local congregation, in various contexts whether in hospitals, other health care facilities, prisons, the military, or the workplace, MTS is beginning the process of partnering with the Center for Chaplaincy Studies (CCS).

CCS will supplement our current course offerings and academic programs with additional courses, expert faculty, professional advising, and networking opportunities. CCS will help prepare our students for future Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) residencies and a wide range of employment possibilities, and pursuit of Board Certification as well. The faculty are not only specialists in their fields of inquiry but are highly trained and proficient educators in multiple learning platforms.

We believe that partnership with CCS will yield uniquely diverse learning environments, deliver the highest standard of formation and education with competency-based outcomes, and produce successful and sustainable professional chaplains for a diversity of contexts where they are needed. MTS is eager to prepare chaplains who will more capably meet the emotional and spiritual needs of Memphians and people living throughout our region through this partnership. 

With deepest gratitude and prayerful blessings,

Rev. Dr. Jody Hill
MTS President