Dear Seminary Community:

MTS is delighted that the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines have made it possible for us to re-open and welcome our community back to campus. At the same time, we’re aware that certain health conditions, as well as the rapid spread of the Delta variant, mean that some MTS folks are still at significant risk during the continuing pandemic.

Therefore, we have made the following plans for re-opening the campus:

(1) Students who choose not to be vaccinated will be required to participate in their classes virtually (and not on campus) for the time being in order to help protect the most vulnerable ones among us.

(2) Students taking classes on campus who provide proof of vaccination will be free to remove masks when they are in a campus setting in which social distancing can be achieved.

(3) Anyone on campus for whatever reason who cannot provide proof of vaccination will be required to wear a mask whenever they are in the presence of others.

Respectfully submitted,

The President’s Cabinet