Faith and Money (Week 1 of 2)


The Bible has a lot to say about money, wealth, greed, contentment and a variety of other topics as they pertain to our financial and spiritual lives. Some say over 2,000 verses address financial matters yet the church often avoids talking about money altogether.

This first session addresses our personal choices and how our attitudes toward money have developed throughout our lives. We will examine how we can better live out our financial lives as Jesus would have us do.

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Dr. Susan Parker Born in Eva, Alabama in Morgan County, Alabama • Completed four college degrees attending night classes and working full-time • Graduated from Memphis Theological Seminary Program of Alternate Studies and Ordained April, 2014 • Ph. D. in Administration of Higher Education, University of Alabama • Masters degree, Counseling, UAB • B.S., English Education, Athens State College • Associates degree, Calhoun Community College • Successful career in Higher Education, at Calhoun Community College and Athens State College 1972-1996 • Last position at Athens State as Chief Development Officer 1988-1996 • Elected Statewide State Auditor of the State of Alabama1998-2002 • Elected Statewide Public Service Commissioner for the State of Alabama 2006-2010 • Served as Interim President at MTS 2018-2019 • Married, 40 years to Paul Parker • Currently serving as pulpit supply for Trinity Presbyterian USA in Huntsville, Alabama and Maud and Mt. Hester CP churches.