Please join us in welcoming the 2020-2021 Student Senate Officers!
President: Monica Brodie
Vice President: John Moore
Secretary: Michael Walker
Treasurer: Darell Harrington
Chaplain: Sam Jones

Student Senate President Monica Brodie says, “The Covid-19 pandemic made an impact on our school year, from how we conduct classes, to studying habits, not to mention our classmates’ postponed commencement ceremony. Learning to adapt to social distancing and social isolation came at a high cost within our MTS and local communities. In the past three months, our families have experienced loss, hurt, and distress.
With the state of our community and the continual push for activism from spiritual leaders, specifically as it pertains to the Black Lives Matter movement, my interest is to see how our student body can be more impactful through active commitment, from protest, to policy change, to working to increase voter registration, and recognizing community engagement and leadership within the MTS student body.”