Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield, Professor of Christian Education, Spiritual Formation, and Youth Ministry has been promoted to Full Professor, and will assume the Clara Scott Chair of Church and Ministry, previously held by Dr. Mary Lin Hudson and Dr. Stan Wood. 

In 1997, Clara Scott began the Scott Family Endowment at MTS. When she died in 1999, Scott left the seminary an estate that has yielded more than 1.2 million dollars which was set aside to fund the Clara Scott Chair of Church and Ministry. As a lifetime Cumberland Presbyterian, Scott devoted her life to the church, and her generosity helps prepare a generation of women and men for ministry. 

Dr. Peter Gathje, Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean, said, “Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield serves the seminary and the church through his commitment to Christian education and formation. His love for the church and for preparing people for ministry is evident in his teaching, public speaking, and publications in which he offers wise guidance for the development of the theology and practice of forming people in Christian discipleship.”

Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield says, “I am grateful to my colleagues for recommending and the Board of Trustees for approving my promotion to Full Professor. Furthermore, I appreciate my appointment by the Board of Trustees to become Chair: Clara Scott Professor of Church and Ministry. I recognize this as the highest academic award MTS could bestow upon me as a member of the faculty. 

Dr. Crutchfield added that this appointment was not only an honor to himself, but an enduring tribute to the Scott family for their support. “I will continue to advance Christian education, Spiritual formation and Youth ministry for the expressed purposes of providing women and men to local churches for ministries that entail formation and discipleship, and ministry in the church that promotes scholarship, piety and justice.”