MTS Graduate and Starks Fellow Rev. Dr. Earle Fisher has signed a book deal! Fisher says “the book will (re)introduce Rev. Albert Cleage Jr., an underappreciated figure in the black prophetic tradition and one of the forerunners/founding fathers of black liberation theology.” Rev. Fisher says the book will include his analysis of some of the sermons in Albert Cleage Jr’s groundbreaking book The Black Messiah. “This book will be critical for those who are interested in the areas of rhetoric, religion, and radical black politics in the 21st century,” Rev. Fisher says.

“I was rather grieved that I was not introduced to Albert Cleage Jr while I was a student at MTS (beginning to study black liberation theology). I stumbled upon Cleage at the behest of Dr. Randall Bailey (Hebrew Bible Scholar, professor emeritus at Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA) and have been gripped by his rhetoric and theology ever since.  As a Starks Fellow, I have been intentional about trying to introduce students, pastors, and other professors to this pivotal figure who exemplifies and embodies what preacher-scholar-pastor Dr. Raphel Warnock calls ‘radical pastoral praxis.’”

The book will be published in late 2020 or early 2021, and we look forward to hosting Rev. Fisher on campus for a reading!