Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Spiritual Formation, and Youth Ministry, offer students theory and practice, rooted in his experience as a person of the church. He is a scholar/pastor who weekly practices beyond denominational lines in the church and refers to himself as a spiritual/intellectual.

Learning in his classroom is active and experiential. His experience as a practitioner/pastor allows him to provide students a broad base of knowledge of the local church that goes far beyond textbooks. His style is multi-sensory, creating learning that impacts the cognitive (head), the affective (heart), and the action (hands and feet) of students. Learning, to him, is to name the problem, reflect upon the problem, respond to the problem with positive action.

His classes go from learning about the teaching, preaching, and healing ministry of Jesus, to working through Covenant Discipleship, learning how to be a Critical Pedagogue, engaging youth in leadership formation, teaching in the church, spending time with God in solitude and silence, prayer, worship, discipleship, spiritual formation, discovering the presence of God, practicing faith, telling soul stories, and working through the building blocks of Christian Education. He teaches about children, youth, emerging adults, young adults, and seasoned adults.

He is passionate about teaching and learning, but students’ favorite thing about Dr. Crutchfield is that he never gives tests!