A Collaboration with Opera Memphis, Rhodes College, Luna Nova Music, and St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral

The twentieth century was a time of earth-shattering change. It saw the devastation of two horrific wars, the total breakdown of centuries-old governments, and people turning against their neighbors in a desperate effort to find stability in the chaos. But it also witnessed miracles: we conquered disease, split the atom, mapped everything from human DNA to outer space. We flew – even to the moon. Western artists and philosophers responded to this epoch by completely redefining – or outright rejecting – the rules that traditionally governed their fields. They created new work for a new time, and they did not shy away from the biggest question of all: “When humanity becomes creator and destroyer, what becomes of God? What is Sacred and what is secular?”

Join Opera Memphis, Luna Nova, St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, and Rhodes College as we explore music from this period. Each concert is open to the public and will be moderated by faculty from series presenter, Memphis Theological Seminary.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, November 6 at 3:30pm

Saturday, December 5 at 7:30pm

Sunday, February 26 at 4:00pm

Thursday, April 6 at

Upon This Rock by Rhodes College

Music for a Winter Night by Luna Nova Music

Fractured at St. Mary’s

Pierrot Lunaire by Opera Memphis

Rhodes College

Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral

Playhouse on the Square

Check back often for additional programming. For specific information regarding concerts, scroll down.

Concert Series Vision by Ben Makino, Opera Memphis Music Director