Mary Magdalene Professor of New Testament

B.A., Auburn University
M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Teaching Philosophy

I understand my vocation as a facilitator of our learning.  My students and I gather around the New Testament as a guide for our journeys to God.  Together, we read, reflect, ask questions, share experiences, have conversations, consider possibilities, and make plans for sermons, Bible studies, pastoral counseling, and our own journeying forward.  My work is to facilitate these learning moments by choosing readings, setting parameters for discussions and questions, and assigning tasks which make these moments possible.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the intersection between critical biblical study and the lives of people of faith.  I steadfastly believe that critical biblical study, contrary to popular opinion in many church settings, enriches deeply our spiritual journeys as individuals and as communities of faith.

Denominational Affiliation

  • Cumberland Presbyterian

Hope for the Future of the Church

I am among those who believe the church is in a time of transition.  I am persuaded that churches which practice the love of Jesus–which is not about warm, fuzzy feelings, but is incredibly difficult at times–and offer hope in the midst of a fearful world are those who will show themselves to be faithful to the work of God and will lead followers of Jesus into the future.

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