Dear Friends of Jody Hill and MTS,
My name is Nicholas Phillips, and I have the great privilege of being the alumni liaison of Memphis  Theological Seminary for North Mississippi. I am also a practicing attorney and the bi-vocational  pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church in Rienzi, MS. I am writing to you on behalf of MTS and  our mutual friend and the seminary’s president Rev. Dr. Jody Hill. 

Jody began his tenure as the ninth president of MTS on January 1, 2020. As a result of COVID-19,  the seminary was unable to have a traditional inauguration to introduce our new president to the  church and our larger community. Therefore, we have decided to bring his introduction to you and  our community! Would you be our guest for a luncheon on Thursday, January 19th, 2023, at  noon as we gather with President Hill and treat you to a meal at Pizza Grocery in Corinth? Jody will share briefly about how we are impacting the Church and our community at MTS, and the  entire event will be finished in one hour. 

Under Jody’s leadership, the seminary’s 200-member student body represents 25 different Christian  denominations. This theological diversity is reflected in the alums and current students who will  serve with me as hosts for this event.  

It costs approximately $20,000 annually to educate just one of these leaders in the Church and our  larger community. However, MTS charges our students less than half that amount in tuition costs  because of the support of our gracious donors. To celebrate Jody’s presidency, we have set an  ambitious goal of raising $10,000 at this event. We have a very generous anonymous donor who has  extended a matching pledge of up to $5,000 for the funds raised at this event. If we are able to raise  $5,000, this combined gift of $10,000 will supply the entire tuition discount for one student for an  entire year! This gift will surely impact their ministry for a lifetime and the kingdom of our Lord  forever. 

Please contact our Coordinator of Alumni Affairs, Nathan Brasfield by email at nbrasfield@memphisseminary.edu or by phone at (901) 334-5805, to confirm your participation. 

Rev. Dr. Nicholas B. Phillips 
MTS Alum and Donor

The following list of Alums and Current Students of MTS will serve as hosts for this event.  Each one is serving or has served in your region.  

Rev. Zac Cox (MDiv, ‘22), United Methodist 
Rev. Jason Franklin (MDiv, ‘08), United Methodist 
Rev. Sherry Horton (MDiv, ‘04), Cumberland Presbyterian; Presbyterian (PCUSA)
Rev. Richie Lockhart (MDiv, ‘10), Cumberland Presbyterian 
Rev. Lud Ludlam (MAR, ’14; MDiv, ‘21), United Methodist 
Rev. Jody McKewen (MDiv, ’02), Presbyterian (PCUSA) 
Rev. Dr. Nicholas B. Phillips (MDiv, ’09), Presbyterian (PCUSA) 
Rev. Michael John Pope (MDiv, ‘16), United Methodist 
Rev. Kerry Powell (MDiv, ‘08), United Methodist 
Rev. Dr. Bob Rambo (MDiv, ‘84), United Methodist 
Rev. Kim Ratliff (MDiv student), United Methodist; Baptist 
Dr. Todd Richardson (MAR, ‘00), Presbyterian (PCUSA); United Methodist
Rev. Josh Shipman (Doctoral student), Episcopal Church USA 
Rev. Roger Shock (MDiv, ‘09), Global Methodist 
Rev. Andy Stoddard (MDiv, ‘03), United Methodist 
Rev. Emily Trapp Young (MDiv, ‘17), Cumberland Presbyterian  
Rev. Ryan Young (MDiv, ‘21), Cumberland Presbyterian  


To celebrate Jody’s presidency, we have set an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 at this event. We  have a very generous anonymous donor who has extended a matching pledge of up to $5,000 for the  funds raised at this event. If we are able to raise $5,000, this combined gift of $10,000 will supply  the entire tuition discount for one student for an entire year!  

If you can’t attend in person but want to help us meet the $5,000 matching pledge to celebrate Jody’s  presidency it’s easy to do so. Go to https://memphisseminary.edu/giving/donate-2/ to donate online.  You are also welcome to mail a check to:  

Office of Advancement  
Memphis Theological Seminary 
168 East Parkway South 
Memphis, TN 38104-4395