Memphis Theological Seminary has received a $50,000 planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to support the seminary’s exploration of new projects to help Christian parents and caregivers strengthen the ways they practice faith with their children.

As part of the planning process, MTS expects to host listening sessions for parents and caregivers and church leaders in local congregations and within other community organizations. MTS will focus its efforts on how it could support parents and caregivers, and also help pastors, children and youth ministry staff, and congregational volunteer leaders identify and implement best practices for faith sharing and ministry with children and families.

The mission of Memphis Theological Seminary (MTS) is “to educate and sustain men and women for ordained and lay Christian ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety, and justice.” As such, our primary constituency consists of anyone, ordained and lay, who is devoted to serving people in the church and the broader society. Thus, our primary rationale for helping parents and caregivers explore Christian practices to pass their faith and values to their children is to help those parents and caregivers become better teachers of the faith–better ministers–to their children. Consistent with our mission, we hope to help children grow into adults who serve their churches and communities with the life-giving love of Christ.

Rev. Dr. Jody Hill, MTS President, says, “The award of this grant will enable us to expand the important work being done at the seminary and open new avenues for Christian education, service, and leadership in our community. We are grateful for continued Lilly Endowment support for our efforts to prepare leaders for Christian ministry in the Church and the world.”