MTS Vehicle Policies

Vehicle Parking
The specific traffic polices and regulations and applies to all faculty, staff and students operating vehicles on Memphis Theological Seminary property. Vehicle registration was developed to organize and regulate campus parking and traffic, so that the college may be able to control and accommodate as many vehicles as possible.

  • When operating a motor vehicle on MTS campus, it is imperative that proper driving safety is followed.
  • All common laws, as well as all Tennessee State laws and Local Ordinances will be enforced on MTS Property. Violations will result in citations being issued and or revocation of driving privileges.
  • All motor vehicles are to be properly licensed and possess, at the minimum, liability insurance.
  • All drivers that operate a vehicle on MTS property are responsible for and will be held to these rules.
  • The term “vehicle” includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, and any other motor propelled vehicles.
All student owned or operated vehicles must be registered through the safety office and display a current MTS tag while on campus. Any traffic accidents occurring on the MTS Campus should be immediately reported to the Campus Safety Office.

  • It is required that all students register a vehicle driven by them at the beginning of the school year or within 24 hours after acquiring a vehicle during mid-year.
  • Registration forms may be obtained at the Safety Office or the Registrars Office.
  • Any student properly licensed and carrying insurance may own or use a motor vehicle on campus.
  • Registration of vehicles is solely for the purpose of identification and does not guarantee you a parking space. Parking at Lindenwood Church west lot is on a first come first serve basis. Finding a legal parking space is the driver’s responsibility.
Parking Policy
In order to provide our faculty, staff, and students with both secure and accessible parking, MTS has developed the following parking policy.

  • Any and all parking spaces on the MTS lot are reserved for Handicapped, Faculty, Staff, and Guest. All students are to park in the West parking lot of Lindenwood Church. Only students living in Campus Housing are permitted to park at student housing.
  • Students parking at student housing must have appropriate housing decals. All cars are to be parked on paved areas only. Any vehicles parked on the street, are to be in front of that person’s residence and can not restrict the flow of traffic.
  • Decals will be assigned by the facilities department to all personnel. Decals are to be clearly visible on either the bumper or dash of the vehicle.
  • Students found in violation of the parking arrangements (including Lindenwood and student housing), shall be issued a warning ticket upon the first violation, and a $25.00 fine thereafter. Students receiving 3 or more violations in a semester will be subject to a disciplinary hearing with The Director of Admissions/Student Affairs and Director of Facilities
  • Fines shall be recorded in the registrar’s office. Transcripts, final grades, etc. will not be issued until all fines are paid.
  • Persons wishing to appeal a fine may contact the Director of Facilities.