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Memphis Theological Seminary now offers a Night Track for our master’s degree programs. The program makes it possible for a working adult to obtain their MDiv or MACM while still maintaining their full-time job. Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm. A full time student may complete the MDiv in 4 years and the MACM may be completed in 3 years. Learn how you can become a student.


Create Your Own Specialization
The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry prepares you for leadership in ministry wherever God calls you. This degree equips those working in non-profits, campus ministry, para-church, missions, business, or other fields.


  • Critically interpret Christian scripture, history, and doctrine to inform and guide their specialized ministry.
  • Employ theological reflection and exercise skills for ministerial leadership in light of cultural contexts for the just transformation of the church and the world.


  • Develop and sustain deeper self awareness and accountability through personal and communal relationships for sustainable ministry leadership.
  • Be open to diverse perspectives and expressions of love for God, neighbor, and the creation.


  • View injustice in new and more complex ways because of transformational encounters with personal and systemic injustices.
  • Integrate their specialized ministry with critical, creative, and compassionate responses to injustice guided by religious faith.


Students should be able to understand and critically interpret scripture, history, and Christian theology.

Cultural Context

Students should be able to analyze local and global contexts and respectfully explore culturally non-dominant perspectives in light of Christian tradition.



Students should be able to show growth in personal faith, emotional maturity, and moral integrity.



Students should be able to employ practical theological reflection and exercise skills within a specialized ministry.


The specializations for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree program have been designed in light of the mission of Memphis Theological Seminary and the strengths of the faculty. Students will be assigned a faculty adviser who will guide the student in course selections so that those reflect the specialized ministry in which the student chooses to focus.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry offers specializations within different areas.  All specializations share the common core of required courses in Bible, theology, and church history, along with requirements in the areas of the social context for ministry and the practice of ministry.  The latter requirements are shaped with regard to the student’s specialization and include practicum and immersion components.

To Create Your Own specialization in the MACM program, it must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean during the admissions process.

To propose a specialization for the MACM degree, a student must follow these steps:

1. Notify admissions of the desire to pursue an area of specialization in the MACM program.

2. Admissions will notify the VPAA/Dean that a student is interested in pursuing a specialization in the MACM other than the established tracks.

3. The VPAA/Dean will refer the student to a faculty member who teaches in that area of specialization.

4. In consultation with that faculty member, the student will:

a) identify the specialization and develop a rationale for this specialization with the MTS curriculum which includes stating specific learning outcomes under the headings of scholarship, piety, and justice.

b) identify six courses in the MTS curriculum that would constitute this specialization in relationship to those learning outcomes.

c) and submit the application to the VPAA/Dean for approval.

5. Upon approval of the VPAA/Dean, the student will be assigned to a faculty member in the area of specialization to serve as the academic advisor for the student’s program.


Core Courses

Interpreting the Hebrew Bible 3
Interpreting the New Testament 3
Introduction to Theological Study for Ministry 3
Christian Heritage I 3
Christian Heritage II 3
Christian Ethics 3
Total credits in Core Courses 18

Cultural Context

Context and Models for Mission and Evangelism (includes field education) 3
Interfaith and Intercultural Elective (with immersion) 3
Total credits in Cultural Context 6

Practice of Ministry Electives

Provides the opportunity for theological reflection on and knowledge of the practice of ministry in relation to the student’s area of specialization.

Practice of Ministry Elective  3
Practice of Ministry Elective 3
Total credits in Practice of Ministry 6

Personal and Spiritual Formation

Formation for Ministry I 1.5
Formation for Ministry II 1.5
Total credits in Personal and Spiritual Formation 3

Free Electives

Electives should be selected consistent with the specified specialization.

Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Total credits in Free Electives 9

Specialized Ministry Practicum

Specialized Ministry Practicum 3
Total credits in Specialized Ministry Practicum 3

Integrative Seminar 

(taken after 36 hours or more are completed)

MACM Integrative Seminar and Practicum Project 3
Total credits in Integrative Seminar and Practicum Project 3


Total credits: 48


Note: Within the area of specialization no more than three courses may transfer in from another accredited seminary.

“Practicum” denotes practical education experience within a course. The emphasis within a practicum is the practice of specific ministry skills. This may take place in a classroom, chapel, a local church, or other appropriate setting. Practicums may vary in number of hours from 20 to 70 hours.

“Field Education” denotes 20 hours of practical education experience within a course that takes place outside of the regular classroom setting. The emphasis in field education is learning that takes place through interaction with people and organizations related to the field of study.

“Immersion” denotes at least 50% of class time will take place outside of the traditional classroom setting. Immersions typically involve more field education than practicum.

Colloquia Credits:  MACM students are required to earn 6 theological colloquia credits. The colloquia are administration and faculty-approved events held on campus or other events approved by the student’s faculty adviser.

Required GPA for Graduation: Students are required to maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

Requirements for Ordination: Memphis Theological Seminary offers additional courses that meet ordination requirements for certain denominations. Students seeking ordination should consult their denomination officials to ascertain current requirements and procedures.

NOTE: Degree requirements listed here are for overview purposes only. Official degree requirements are found in the most current Academic Catalog or on current degree sheets.

Application Deadlines
Fall Semester Spring Semester
·      Early Deadline May 31 ·      Early Deadline November 30
·      Deadline August 10 ·      Deadline January 10

We appreciate your interest in Memphis Theological Seminary. The MTS admissions staff is committed to supporting you in your theological journey. We are here to help you while you are discerning your call, considering degree and certificate options, and supporting you as you do ministry in the real world. At MTS we are committed to educating and sustaining men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety, and justice. Please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you along in your journey.

Luke Waters
Luke Waters

Admissions Associate/Recuiter

Luke graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and Politics from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Luke began his professional career working as an AmeriCorps Facilitator at BRIDGES, USA where he spent a year guiding hundreds of students through social justice and youth leadership workshops. Luke was passionate about continuing to work with youth, so he moved to New York City to serve as a Service Learning Coordinator at buildOn, Inc.

Luke is incredibly excited about the incredible ecumenical and inclusive community at MTS and is looking forward to getting to know prospective students and helping them pursue their calling.

Contact Luke:

Rev. Dr. Felecia R. LaVant
Rev. Dr. Felecia R. LaVant

Admissions Associate/Recruiter

Felecia completed both her MDIV(2014) and DMIN(2020) degrees at Memphis Theological Seminary, and appreciates how MTS equips men and women to serve in ministry both in the church and the world. She serves as an Associate Minister at Central Baptist Church, Inc. and is the proud mother of daughters, Andraea LaVant and Alexandria Johnson.

Felecia is passionate about helping people become equipped to walk fully in their God ordained purpose. you will often hear her say “Customer satisfaction is my primary goal!” and you leave her presence believing it too.

Contact Felecia: