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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) is designed to integrate biblical and theological studies with practical training for a specialized ministry.

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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) is designed to integrate biblical and theological studies with practical training for a specialized ministry. The degree offers students the opportunity to integrate theological reflection with the practice of lay professional ministry or other Christian service in various Christian organizations. This degree would help to prepare persons to serve as lay, deacon, or recognized ministers in a specialized form of ministry. It is not a degree for those preparing for pastoral leadership within a congregation.

Primary Goals of the Program

The ability to engage in critical and constructive theological reflection within the practice of a specialized ministry. Develop knowledge of the theological, ethical, and pastoral dimensions of the practice of a specialized ministry. Attainment of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that enables the employment of best practices for specialized ministry, including the integration of spiritual formation and ministry. Integration of theological knowledge, skills in issue analysis, and ministerial practices within a specialized ministry.

Religious Heritage
Provides instruction in Christian religious heritage, including Scripture, theology, and church history.

Introduction to Interpreting the New Testament (3)

Introduction to Interpreting the Old Testament (3)

History and Theology I (3)

History and Theology II (3)

One Additional Theology or One Additional Church History Course (3)


Cultural Context
Provides instructional settings and opportunities for students to gain understanding of the broader social context in which the specialized ministry is performed.

Two courses in the student’s area of specialization in Christian ministry, one of which will involve a practicum or be an immersion course. (6)

Christian Ministry Seminar and Project
Designed to be the “capstone” course students will integrate their theology and practice of a specialized Christian ministry in relation to a final project that involves the development of a theological vision for the practice of Christian ministry within a particular specialization.

The project requires an integrative paper supported by biblical, historical, and theological foundations in which the student demonstrates capacity for scholarship, knowledge of skills for the practice of specialized ministry, and the ability to articulate a vision of ministry.

The specializations for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree program have been designed in light of the mission of Memphis Theological Seminary and the strengths of the faculty. Students will be assigned a faculty advisor who will guide the student in course selections so that those reflect the specialized ministry in which the student chooses to focus.  In addition to the Christian Ministry Seminar and Project, students will have 21 hours of course work in their area of specialization.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry offers specializations within three different areas.  All three specializations share the common core of required courses in Bible, theology, and church history, along with requirements in the areas of the social context for ministry and the practice of ministry.  The latter requirements are shaped with regard to the student’s specialization and include practicum and immersion components.  The program provides the basic educational requirements for ordination as deacon in the United Methodist Church.


1. The Urban Ministry specialization is intended for those preparing to work in community ministries in urban and suburban settings.


2.  The Social Justice Ministry specialization is intended for those preparing for ministry with persons and organizations addressing systemic injustice.


3. The Christian Education specialization is intended for those preparing for ministry as directors and teachers of Christian Education within congregational and other settings.

Additional Graduation RequirementsMACM students are required to earn 6 Theological Colloquia credits and earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

Specialization Requirements
Christian Ministry Integrative Seminar and Project (3)

The Practice of Ministry
Provides the opportunity for theological reflection on and knowledge of the practice of ministry in relation to the student’s area of specialization. Two courses which address the student’s area of specialization, one of which must include a practicum (6)

Personal and Spiritual Formation
Provides an opportunity for students to grow in personal faith, emotional maturity, moral integrity, and public witness.

Formation for Ministry (3)

Three Elective Courses
Electives are to be selected consistent with a particular ministry specialization (9)

(United Methodist Deacon Track Students will be required to take six hours in United Methodist History, Doctrine, & Polity)

Total Credit Hours: (42)



Memphis Theological Seminary now offers a Night Track for our Master’s degree programs. The program makes it possible for a working adult to obtain their MDiv, MACM, or MAR while still maintaining their full- time job. Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm. A full time student may complete the MDiv in 4 years and the MACM and MAR may be completed in 3 years. Learn how you can become a student.

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Rev. Fekecia Gunn

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Rev. Byron Forester

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