Memphis Theological Seminary

Worship in P.F. Johnson Chapel is a time set apart for the seminary community to focus on that for which we were created. We turn our whole attention toward God as we continue to seek to cultivate a love for scholarship, piety, and justice. The rhythm of worship is a necessary aspect of this Christian community to maintain health.


At Memphis Theological Seminary, we worship in the classroom, in the hallways, and on the road as we commute. In order for each of those places of worship to be as meaningful as they can be, we also gather to worship in the sacred space of the chapel. Christian worship in an ecumenical setting is especially about love. We are called to be open, patient and generous as we strive to: find ways of worshiping together, share the best of our own traditions, learn about other people’s traditions, and discern the patterns that we hold and create in common.

We have one scheduled time of worship per week. This formal worship service is held each Tuesday at 11:10 a.m. and lasts about an hour. Our chapel has a two-fold purpose: to be a place where liturgy is learned and to be a spiritually nourishing space on campus. In addition to the planned worship service, there are prayer stations around the chapel inviting all to enter into a time of prayer and meditation whenever schedules allow.

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