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“The writing and research that was required in the Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling program helped me write a grant application to the city of Memphis so that the Hospitality Hub,  a hospitality and resource center for homeless persons in downtown Memphis, could expand a fledgling jobs program for homeless people This work is effectively helping people to permanently exit homelessness.”

Kelcey D. Johnson

Associate Director, Hospitality Hub


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling Certificate Program

This certificate program aspires to prepare Christians to offer competent counseling services to individuals, families, and groups who struggle with the effects of Substance Use Disorders. The program offers the number of educational hours that the Tennessee State Board of Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse Counselors requires for licensure as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC). Mississippi and Arkansas are ICRC states, which means they have an Addiction Certification and our courses should meet these standards for certification. This is a one year program where students who complete all six courses receive the Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling Studies.

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling (DAAC) program is a cohort style program which will include 3 sessions beginning with a mandatory orientation.  Each session consists of 2 classes, one on Friday evenings and the other on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks.  All classes meet on the main campus in Memphis.

Graduate Certificate in Drug Addiction and Alcohol Counseling (DAAC)
Program Length: 35 weeks


Students Graduating on Time

83% of Title IV students complete the program within 35 weeks


Program Costs

$9,150 for tuition and fees

$1,200 for books and supplies

$8,465 for off-campus room and board

No other costs provided.

*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion.

Note that this information is subject to change.


Students Borrowing Money

83% of students who attend this program borrow money to pay for it


Student Debt

The typical graduate leaves with $13,646 in debt


Student Loans

The typical monthly loan payment is $154/month with a 6.5% interest rate


Graduate Earnings

$50,060/year after leaving this program


Graduate Employment Field

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors: https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/21-1011.00


Graduates Who Got Jobs

N/A* of program graduates who got jobs

*We are not currently required to calculate a job placement rate for program completers.


Licensure Requirements

This program meets licensure requirements in Tennessee

No additional notes provided.


DAAC students will participate in the general New Student Orientation for MTS students. Two hours of this orientation will be a special meeting of DAAC students in which they are made familiar with the (a) overall aim of the program, (b) the content of the program, (c) MTS policies regarding grades and attendance, (d) our expectations of their computer skills.

Session 1

INTRODUCTION TO SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING (Dr. Jerry Harber, D.Min., LMFT, LPC/MHSP – Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care, Professor)
Introduction to the nature of substance abuse treatment including (a) and overview of the Eight Domains, (b) certain terms and definitions, including: substance use versus abuse as found in the DSM-5 language, (c) the stages of use, the stages of recovery, (d) recovery and spirituality, (e) selected theories of addiction, (f) fundamentals of substance abuse counseling, including certain skills, Seven Core Therapeutic Conditions, MI and MET.
AC20000 CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS (Dr. Don Thomas, DMin, EdM, LPC/MHSP, Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care)
Introduction to (a) the nature of common mental health disorders that co-occur with substance abuse, and (b) common approaches to evaluating persons for these disorders, as well as common management strategies in agency settings.

Session 2

SPECIAL TOPICS IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT (Dr. Jerry Harber, D.Min., LMFT, LPC/MHSP – Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care)
An introduction to the use of (a) Cognitive Theories of treatment, (b) Crisis Counseling and suicide intervention theory, and (c) certain marriage and family theories, such as, General Systems Theory as it applies to Families, The Family Disease Model, and Bowen’s Theory of Family Systems. Most students will need to continue their education in these areas in order to develop proficiency necessary to function at a professional level.

Domains of Substance Abuse Treatment – Part One (Ms. Michele Squires, MS, LADAC, NCAC 1, Instructor)
An introduction to the Eight Domains of Addiction Counseling and the counseling skills needed for each domain. A specific emphasis on the first four domains including: Intake/Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Documentation.

Session 3

Domains of Substance Abuse Treatment – Part Two (Ms. Michele Squires, MS, LADAC, NCAC 1, Instructor)
A continuation of the Eight Domains of Addiction Counseling and the counseling skills needed for each domain. A specific emphasis on the domains of Case Management, Referral, Continuing Care/Discharge,  and Ethics.

To include; (a) Ethics in counseling, (b) treating special populations, (c) developing the philosophy of treatment, (d) application preparation, (e) testing preparation.

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling program will meet every Friday evening & Saturday morning during each of the three sessions.

September 8-9 through November 17-18, 2017

January 5-6, 2018 through March 16-17, 2018

April 13-14, 2018 through July 6-7, 2018

No Classes May 13-14; Seniors “Walk” at Graduation May 14th


Memphis Theological Seminary completed the rigorous process of obtaining recognition by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) as an Approved Academic Education Provider (provider #AP-020).

Ms. Shirley Beckett Mikell, Director of Certification and Education for NAADAC, observes that MTS is one of only twenty academic institutions in the United States that “hold the distinction of NAADAC recognition as an Approved Academic Education Provider.”

Courses offered by NAADAC Approved Education Providers meet the requirements of the National Certification Commission for applicants seeking initial certification as addiction counselors, or those re-certifying.  In addition, many states automatically accept training hours from NAADAC Approved Education Providers towards state certification or re-certification requirements.

Rev. Melissa Malinoski

Rev. Melissa Malinoski

Director of Admissions

Melissa graduated from Bethel University in 1999 and from Memphis Theological Seminary in 2002.  As an ordained Cumberland Presbyterian minister, Melissa has served congregations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.   She is married to Rev. T.J. Malinoski.  They are the parents of a son, Morgen and a daughter, Madeline.

Contact Melissa:


We appreciate your interest in Memphis Theological Seminary.  The MTS admissions staff is committed to supporting you in your theological journey.  We are here to help you while you are discerning your call, considering degree and certificate options, and supporting you as you do ministry in the real world.  At MTS we are committed to educating and sustaining men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the church and the world through shaping and inspiring lives devoted to scholarship, piety, and justice. Please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you along in your journey.

Joanna Wilkinson

Joanna Wilkinson

Admissions Associate

Joanna completed her undergrad from Southwest Baptist University in 2010 and a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry in 2013 from Memphis Theological Seminary. She has worked and served in youth ministry since 2007, currently serves with Junior High youth at Germantown CP Church. Missouri CP Presbytery certified her as a Youth Minister in the Fall of 2013. She and her husband Neal moved from Nashville where they both served in youth ministry to Memphis in the summer of 2015 and love living in the Midtown area.

Contact Joanna:

Rev. Felecia LaVant

Rev. Felecia LaVant

Admissions Associate

Felecia completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology at Fisk University in 1982, and MDiv at Memphis Theological Seminary in 2014. She serves as an Associate Minister and the Director of Christian Education at Central Baptist Church, Inc. Felecia also volunteers with Manna House, a place of hospitality in the Catholic Worker Tradition. She is the proud mother of two adult daughters, Andraea and Alexandria.

Contact Felecia:

Rev. Byron Forester

Rev. Byron Forester

Admissions Associate

Byron is a graduate of Bethel University (1974) and of Memphis Theological Seminary (2007). He serves as pastor of Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Benton Co. MS and as Coordinator of Ministries for West Tennessee Presbytery. He participates and serves in several ministries to people who are unsheltered. Byron and his wife, Michelle Brown have three daughters. They live five blocks from MTS.

Contact Byron: