Why is supporting Memphis Theological Seminary with your gifts important?

What difference will it make?

Why should you give?

You want your pastor to be a good preacher, sharing the Gospel every week in such a way that inspires your more mature Christian journey while also leading others to Christ.  Every course at MTS is part of the process that leads to good preaching, from Introduction to Interpreting the New Testament to the more specific courses on Homiletics & Liturgics.  Every student takes a course called Preaching Practicum, where the skills needed for good preaching are fine-tuned.

          MTS prepares preachers for the churches of today and tomorrow.  Will you support this mission?

You want your pastor to have a deep understanding of the meaning of communion.  When Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me,” he called us to share the bread and cup as living signs of his ongoing presence in our midst. In Holy Communion, God nourishes us spiritually for our discipleship, and feeds us with the Bread of Life, so that we might go out from our places of worship to nourish a spiritually hungry, sometimes even starving, world.

          MTS prepares pastors who know how to lead sacramental services that nourish disciples for real ministry. Will you support this ministry?

You want your Bible study and Sunday School lesson leader to know how to present the world behind the text, what was happening that led to the writing of the text, and how it can be interpreted for us today.

          MTS teaches students to be good readers of the Bible, a process called exegesis.  As a result, they are strong, knowledgeable teachers. Will you support this teaching?

You want the youth leader of your congregation to understand the needs of young people and how to lead them to Christ.

          MTS now offers a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree – a direct response to the needs expressed by you and so many others in the Church.  The first MAYM graduates received their diplomas at graduation in May 2013, with many more to follow in the years to come. Will you support this degree?

You want the counselor who is working with your child to be effective.

          MTS offers a Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling certificate that prepares students to take their state’s licensing exam.  Will you support this certificate?

You want your family baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

          This requires ordained clergy.  MTS prepares students for ordination in their denomination, offering specific courses, as needed.  Will you support this work in the classroom?

You want your mother buried, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

          MTS places a heavy emphasis on pastoral care, offering specific courses and requiring a Parish Practicum, where students are faced with practical, real-life situations.  Will you support this instruction?

Your gifts make a difference in the Church by ensuring that this seminary, located in the Bible belt, that reaches out to communities in a 200-mile radius and countries 20,000 miles away, that serves students from over 30 denominations, continues to teach.

Your gift today will make a difference by supporting technology in the classroom, professors who care and teach practical ministry with excellence, a safe, attractive campus and scholarships to ensure the classrooms are filled with those whom God has called to ministry.

Your gift to Memphis Theological Seminary will spread the Gospel to the nations.  I believe that makes MTS a ministry worth your support.