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DeBorah Luckett Day
M.Div. ‘05
National Baptist

“About an hour ago I pressed the “send” button on my e:mail.  The final paper for DM20005 has been completed.  I am ecstatic.  If I had rhythm I would dance a Holy dance.  I truly thank God, Memphis Theological Seminary, my husband, cohorts, and peers for this incredible journey.  The Faith and Health tract of the Doctor of Ministry program has been above and beyond my expectations.  If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would say, ‘The Doctor of Ministry tract in Faith and Health is the best way to acquire knowledge and skills for those seeking to embrace a holistic approach to well-being.’ I am transformed, mind, body and soul.”

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree is available for ministers who have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary and who desire a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry.  Designed to increase the ability of servant leaders to analyze and reform ministry and to empower constituents for discipleship in the world, it is the highest degree in the practice of ministry.

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D.Min Tracks:

Memphis Theological Seminary offers three tracks or courses of study in the D. Min. program:

  • Leadership in Ministry, designed primarily for persons who are serving in a ministerial role and want to enhance their competence as leaders.
  • Faith and Health, which seeks to reclaim the intersection of faith and health, and assist learners to reflect on individual, congregational, communal and global wellness through a scholarly consideration of the benefits, elements, and complexities of faith and health.
  • Theology & Arts, which seeks to help persons grow in the ability to think and reflect theologically and to integrate arts and ministry with biblical, theological, historical and pastoral disciplines.


Curriculum Objectives:

The Doctor of Ministry curriculum seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Students will refine the theological basis for ministry in their area of specialization and will contribute to the body of knowledge as it relates to the practice of ministry by completing a ministry project reflecting their theological basis for ministry and their understanding of sound research.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and attitudes on issues related to the student’s context of ministry.
  • Students will demonstrate ministry skills at an advanced level of professional competency and demonstrate new skills in leadership, vision, conflict management, care systems, and/or other strategies for accomplishing effective ministry.
  • Students will think, plan, and act creatively in transcending traditional approaches to ministry by the use of innovative concepts and methods.


Application Requirements:

  • A Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Participation in full-time ministry for a minimum of three years after receiving the Master of Divinity degree.
  • A completed application and all transcripts.
  • Reflection paper assessing your theology of ministry and your practice of ministry.
  • Endorsement by the appropriate supervising body indicating support for your pursuit of the Doctor of Ministry degree, including granting the necessary time for the program and a willingness to be involved as a setting for the field study.
  • Recommendations from at least three persons evaluating your qualifications for admission to the program.
  • Assessments of your ministry from six constituents among whom you minister.
  • An interview with and approval by the Doctor of Ministry Committee.
  • The Doctor of Ministry degree requires at least three years of study after
    admission and must be completed within six years.

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