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Dr. James L. Netters Certificate
in Congregational Ministry

Memphis Theological Seminary is pleased to have the Dr. James L. Netters Certificate in Congregational Ministry. This certificate program is designed for persons who are active in congregational life, but not interested in pursuing a Masters level degree. This certificate program aspires to prepare Christian leaders (lay and clergy) to offer competent leadership in congregational life. This program provides high-level theological education for associate ministers, Sunday School teachers, committee chairpersons and others who serve the church.

This is a six-course, eighteen-hour, certificate program taught by regular and adjunct faculty of Memphis Theological Seminary.


Spring Session Courses

Understanding the New Testament
(March 1 – April 12 – Tuesday’s 5:30pm – 8:30pm)
The New Testament provides Christians with the history, rubrics, and theology of a God who seeks to redeem humanity using the earthly life of the Divine Son.  What are the various divisions of the New Testament, who are the writers and what are the background issues that inform some of the parables of Jesus, speeches of Paul and unfolding mystery of the Revelation of John.

Pastoral Care
(March 4 – April 15 – Friday’s 5:30pm – 8:30pm)
As the “chaplain in chief”, the pastor has a monumental task in caring for the spiritual health of the congregation.  There are times when members are admitted into hospitals and other places of care and there seems to be limited time to do it all.  Pastors are grateful to the members who are able to fill the visitation gap but provide effective and efficient ministry –as though the pastor were present.  This class prepares the laity to provide visitation and provide the presence of the Church while leaving room for the shepherd to be effective when he/she arrives.

Mission and Outreach
(March 5 – April 16 – Saturday’s 9:00am – 12:00pm)
What is our mission as church? How do we identify and promote the mission of our church? How might our mission include a variety of ministries? In this course, we will consider the theological foundations for church mission, varieties of church outreach, and the practical skills necessary for engaging in outreach.

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